2009 05/05

Anatol Shumchanka

Anatol Shumchanka

On 5 May at about 10.40 a.m. the head of the entrepreneurs’ organization Perspective Anatol Shumchanka and his deputies Viktar Chaikouski and Volha Krumina were detained by the police in Kasmanautau Strip while getting out of the car.

The activists came to Brest to hand to deputies of Brest oblast soviet of deputies the address of owners of stalls with the demand to abolish the prohibition on the sale of beer and low-alcohol beverages.

As stated to the BelaPAN by Mr. Shumchanka, the police officers stated that he resembled of a wanted man. The detainees were guarded to Maskouski district police department of Brest. There the police checked their documents and took explanations concerning the visit to Brest.

‘It seems that now the policemen don’t know what to do with us’, said Mr. Shumchanka. ‘They were going to release us, but saw a group of journalists at the entrance of the police department. Then they proposed us to secretly leave the city on their own car. I refused, cause it would look like an escape.’


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