2016 02/05

In Połack the picket took place in support of the deputy chairman of the Republican Free Trade Union of Belarus Mikałaj Šarach – the assistant craftsman in the Section 7 at the enterprise “Połacak-Škłovałakno” with whom the administration refuses to renew the working contract.

The action took place near “Radzima” cinema. The main aim of the picket was to convey the idea of the activist being unfair dismissed because of his public and human rights activity.

The day before the administration has made illegal changes in the collective agreement, later to find grounds for non-renewal of the contract.

Mikałaj Šarach was arrested at the entrance of his house when he was returning from the action. This became known from the picketer Viktar Stukaŭ, the representative of the Belarusian Free Trade Union at the company “Połacak-Škłovałakno”:

They kept us for three hours there, made up two protocols. The first was for participation in the unsanctioned picket, and the second – for disobedience to militia officers during the arrest.

The hearing on Mikałaj Šarach’s case is scheduled for May 12th. Also, just before the action a former political prisoner and member of the organization committee of BCD party Andrej Hajdukoŭ from Novapołack was detained.

By Anna Šajkoŭskaja, Belarusian Radio Racyja

Prepared by Aleś LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal

Photo svaboda.org (corrections – BLP)

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