2008 04/11

Specnaz na mirnym shodzieSiarhei Shytsikau, judge of Tsentralny district court of Homel, turned down the lawsuit of Piatro Kuzniatsou, Andrei Tolchyn, Alexander Protska and Natallia Shchukina against the prohibition of pickets by the city authorities. The plaintiffs intended to hold these pickets in September, during the agitation state of the election to the parliament. By means of such actions the civil activist intended to explain their position to the electorate and agitate against the pro-regime candidates who were running for their second term at the parliament.

At the trial a representative of Homel city executive committee Palina Labanava stated that the reason for the prohibition was that the activists had not mentioned in their application the order for holding of the mass actions and had not concluded the appropriate treaties with the police, the central city polyclinic and the special automobile enterprise for serving the pickets. Labanava could not explain what she meant under the ‘order for holding of mass actions’.

The plaintiff Andrei Tolchyn, in his turn, explained to the court that there was no term ‘serving of mass actions’ in the price list of medical institutions. If it goes on this way, soon people will have pay to riot squad policemen for hitting them with truncheons, though this ‘service’ is also absent in the pricelist.

It is not the first case when judge Shytsikau turns down the claims of the oppositional activists to the executive committee. In the middle of October 2008 the judge also found no reasons to reverse the ruling of the executive committee by which the politician Uladzimir Katsora and Vasil Paliakou were prohibited to hold a meeting and pickets during the agitation state of the election to the parliament. It is quite interesting that at that time the head of Central Election Commission informed Homel activists that Homel city executive committee was recommended not to demand from them conclusion of any agreements with the police, medics and special automobile enterprises for serving of their mass actions.


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