2016 13/04

Below is a summary and 28 minutes of video (Rus.)

“Human rights are fundamental. However, for thousands of years many wars, religious impatience, authoritarian regimes and poverty prevented their implementation. However, in cases of violations of human rights people always disagreed with injustice and were ready to fight for human rights and uphold the public interest”.
That is the beginning of the film shot on the basis of a thematic meeting devoted to the interaction of lawyers, human rights defenders and journalists, which took place at the Belarusian Human Rights House named after Boris Zvozskau. In the film there aspects of the interaction of journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders are being discussed and the myths and stereotypes against members of these professions are being destroyed.
Lawyer of the Human Rights Center “Viasna” Nasta Loyka notes:
“Lawyers, human rights activists and journalists perform slightly different functions, but in general the existence of all of them is very important for the effective functioning of a democratic society. It is difficult to imagine a legal state without the active role of lawyers, without the possibility to work for human rights activists and especially without lighting all acute civil and political processes by journalists. These are the facts by which you can determine how much can open and democratic society is, how freely can these three groups work”.
The filmmakers believe that if the work of lawyers, journalists and human rights defenders is really aimed at protection and promotion of human rights, so for the sake of this higher goal it is necessary and possible to find the interaction and to look for ways of effective cooperation.


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