2016 11/04


During the preliminary hearing the representative of Slutsak District Council of Deputies defended the legality of blocking of the standard-setting initiatives of the local democratic activist Vital Amialkovich in support of the right to peaceful assembly.

Since the parties failed to reach an agreement, it was decided to assign court proceedings on the case to April 19.

It is worth noting that the chairman of Council Viktar Razhanets took the decision solely to refuse Vital Amialkovich’s initiative at the first session. Complaints to the prosecutor and the Minsk District Council of Deputies in this regard did not bring the results.

However, the Presidium’s decision on the issue, prepared by the previous date had already been sent to the preliminary hearing by Slutsak District Council of Deputies.

Moreover, even this decision crudely violates Article 35 of the Law “On local self-government”, according to which the draft decisions of citizens who make standard-setting initiative are subject to mandatory review by the Council with the participation of the authors or their representatives.

Vital Amialkovich hopes that the Court will be on his side in this dispute, and the draft decision “On the freedom of peaceful assembly in Slutsak district” will still be reviewed by local deputies.

However, the applicant believes that he has almost no chances of winning the case.

“I initially did not expect to win the case – said Vital Amialkovich. – There will be the appeal to the regional court, to the Supreme Court, and after that I again plan to appeal to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations”.

Quoting spring96.org
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal

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