2016 05/04

The headquarters of the Department of Ideological work, Culture and Youth Affairs of Minsk Regional Executive Committee believe that in Borisov region “all is well” with Belarusian language.

Human right activist received a reply to his appeal to the Minsk Regional Executive Committee in which he had asked to oblige Borisov authorities to stop discrimination on linguistic grounds.

Here is the text of the response:

Main Directorate of Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs of Minsk Regional Executive Committee
01.04.2016 № 1-9/23

To Matskevich A.G.

Consideration of the appeal

Dear Oleg Georgievich!

Your e-mail appeal about the use of the Belarusian language in the legislative process, on signs on the streets and social infrastructure, as well as on measures to increase the use of the Belarusian language in the Borisov region was considered by the main Management of Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

You have been sent a response from the Barysau District Executive Committee in a letter dated 09.03.2016 № 03-6/EE-170.

In addition, we inform you that in accordance with part three of Article 50 of the Constitution every citizen has the right to use their own language, select the language of communication. The State guarantees in accordance with the law the freedom of choice of language for upbringing and education.

Customers of outdoor advertising and information products, geographical indicators and other objects have the right to choose the language for their information products.

In Borisov district there are measures to promote and expand the scope of use of the Belarusian language in society. On the territory of the region are state educational establishment “Belarusian-language gymnasium № 2 of Borisov”, Novayanchynski folklore house, the center of traditional culture and other structural subdivisions of the state institutions of culture “District Folk Art Center”, where educational and cultural activities are carried out in the Belarusian language. In general, what considers the area of education and culture, numerous events aimed at promoting the Belarusian language are held: every year celebration of International Mother Language Day is organized, campaign “Speak to me in Belarusian” and “Read in Belarusian” are held, exhibition dedicated to the history of the native land , folk customs and traditions are organized. The repertoire of the amateur art collectives replenished with the best samples of the Belarusian national art, in libraries reviews and presentations of Belarusian publications are held as well as meetings with Belarusian writers, the Belarusian language is used in the design of billboards, book exhibitions and others.

By the decisions of the Barysau District Council of Deputies the naming of streets and alleys are given in Belarusian language and repeated in Russian.

In addition, it is planned to increase the amount of materials in the Belarusian language about different aspects of life on the official website of the Barysau District Executive Committee.

Thus, the Barysau District Executive Committee did not violate the right to choose the language in the public and social spheres of life provided by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.

Chief of the General Directorate Ladyshev S. P.
Krauchonak 500 41 87

Human rights activist Aleh Matskevich

Quoting ALEHMACKIEVIC, viasnawordpresscom
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

Photo by Alaksiej Lapicki, Lićviny-INFA

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