2016 03/03

It’s very complicated… when oligarchs or the modern “kings” in power believe that only they have exclusive rights for Human Rights.

Corrupted lawlessness and wealthy at the people’s expense power group is leading the country to a standstill. And there’s no way out of there!

Getting on the pass of the civilized way is a guarantee of sustainable development and prosperity for any country!

And this is the key to strengthening and development of the potential inherent in the national economy, cultural achievements and creative civic engagement, legal predictability and constitutional (but no any other) law enforcement…

So, when will the awareness come?

 And will there, finally, appear a political will to unite the people, and indeed strengthen the country – to begin to live not according to “concepts”, but according to constitutional norms and international standards of right – the Basic Law?

Nevertheless, in this regard, I think that for any society, at a certain stage of its development it becomes absolutely clear and evident that the main thing for the stability and prosperity of one own country (and every citizen in it) is a civil agreement and mutual respect, absolute equality before the law, understanding of the undeniable advantages and security of the rights of every citizen by the state. It’s very important to use freely an inalienable constitutional right… “to be called a citizen…”.


  • Thoughts and reflections on recent events in Azerbaijan, where at the command of the authorities there were initiated disciplinary and administrative proceedings of lawyers themselves – Yalchyn Imanau, who protects the rights of victims of the repressions of Azerbaijan human rights defenders!

Aliaksey Lapitsky,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

In the photo: Aliaksey Lapitsky, human rights defender (Zhodzina, Belarus)
Photos by: Licviny-INFA

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  1. AL Łapicki says:

    Everything will be fine (!?)… (What punctuation sign is it better to put here, I wonder?))

    Regarding the thesis that is in the title of the article “Human rights are the essential for every self-respecting country” there appear the following thoughts…

    Is it possible, in general, to deny it?

    – Someone may say that it is a moot or a rhetorical question.

    And this, unfortunately, is confirmed by our (Belarusian, Azerbaijan… ) modern day.

    – So what is going on then? Why is the problem of disrespect to a person and, in fact, to the society, to one’s own state is so sharp and can not be solved in the Belarus for many years…?

    The fact is that law enforcement officers from normal countries (even not very far from us, our post-Soviet neighbors, but much more European-like now), as well as for their nomenclature, the term “human rights” is clear, it is the norm in a system where the individual and his/her rights are the essential.

    As for us, even several years ago, a militia officer (on duty and in the uniform), who had in his head the idea, that militia is not a law enforcement but “punitive” agency – treated this term very hostile and was ready to fight with those who told him about human rights!

    The difference in culture, behavior, education and respect for the Basic Law! In which, by the way, it is all very well described, and in our country’s Law as well!

    Read the Constitution and, if you don’t “like”, then at least show a little respect of your people and your country!

    And everything will be fine!

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