2016 21/02

Mikola_BLP_w470abr_r1_s_apr-3_APIn Połacak February 13 local lawyers and human rights activists have signed an agreement on joint activities. Human rights activists have joined together to provide free assistance to residents of Połacak. In an economic downturn citizens are increasingly in need of legal protection of their rights, but do not have enough finances to pay for a lawyer.

Half of lawyers – members of the human rights initiatives are already retired. They hope that their professional and other knowledge, skills and abilities will be a useful contribution to the common cause. Uniting human rights defenders have a law degree and, in addition, completed a refresher course “Implementation of the de-facto international obligations of the Republic of Belarus in the field of civil rights and freedoms” of the Belarusian human rights house.

One human rights lawyer Belarusian Free Trade Union (BFTU) Nikolai Sharah, a member of the Council on improvement of legislation in the social and labor sphere of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Belarus. Says Mr. Nicholas: “The word” human rights “we have decided to call only those who defend civil and political rights of citizens. We consider equally important labor, socio-economic and other rights that are infringed by our citizens. Połacak simple partnership to provide free legal services “to help our people in defending these rights and created.

On Saturday, in the afternoon, lawyers, human rights activists have begun to take the citizens for consultations. Announcements for admission of lawyers in Połacak on the street of the Assumption, 3, room 13, distributed on bulletin boards. First draw Alleged violations of workers’ rights at dismissal: Director of the desire to save on workers trying to dismiss them for the alleged violations. Seek help and individual entrepreneurs on the protection of their rights and the legitimacy of the organization of the meeting in Połacak.

Lawyers, human rights activists have suggested Połacak residents help in writing applications, complaints (including collective) and claims to various authorities. They are also ready to hold consultations on the issues of labor relations with the employer, violations of consumer rights, protection against arbitrariness of officials.

Quoting dyjalog.info,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal.

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