2016 22/01

The United Nations on their site presented a convenient for any audience and a very illustrative descriptive material (booklet) on the High Commissioner for Human Rights, which, including the visual form, provides information on all the treaty bodies in the field of human rights and United Nations Human Rights Committee as well.

The booklet material very clearly explains:

– What the Committee of Experts of the United Nations in the field of human rights are and how they act,

– How reports are considered;

– The cycle of reporting in accordance with international agreements on human rights;

– What role does the State play in this process;

– How the other parties are involved in the process;

– What are the general comments;

– Individual complaints.

In the end of the material CURRENT CONTACTS of each of the UN committees are shown with direct interactive links to the official resources of the treaty bodies of the United Nations, their actual mailing addresses and other useful links.

The suggested booklet is similar to “electronic mini-tutorial” of OHCHR for interested parties, which conveniently provides the most basic information. It can be seen in the attachment below.


Source www.ohchr.org
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal.

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One thought on “United Nations treaty bodies in the field of Human Rights (OHCHR booklet – Eng., Rus.)”

  1. AL Łapicki says:

    Valuable material for the practical use by human rights activists and lawyers, civil society activists and all those who seek the truth and the law … and not only in Belarus.

    The booklet looks like a “small electronic textbook” on the essensial…
    with useful interactive links to resources and current contacts of the relevant committees’ experts, including experts of the UN Human Rights Committee.

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