2009 28/02

http://tbn3.google.com/images?q=tbn:9vFT-3tCVhmJUM:http://www.hrono.info/heraldicum/flagi/belarus/images/mf.gifAccording to www.by.milinkevich.org, Mazyr town authorities refused to facilitate the search for a legal address by the Young Front youth movement, saying interference in the activities of NGOs is prohibited by the law.

The town authorities also refused to assist the Young Front in finding premises for holding a constituent assembly by the organization’s local office. At the same time the founders of the movement were warned that holding an illegal congress would be viewed as violation of the Law on Mass Actions and may result in administrative or criminal prosecution.

‘It is nonsense. The organization is not yet founded. How can someone interfere in its activities? We ask for assistance in exercising our constitutional rights. Article 21 of the Belarusian Constitution states that ‘safeguarding the rights and liberties of the citizens of the Republic of Belarus shall be the supreme goal of the State’, says Pavel Nazdra, activist of the For Freedom movement.

It is Young Front’s fifth attempt to obtain registration in Belarus, but so far the Belarusian authorities do not want to see the youth organization registered.

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