2016 13/01

The UN Human Rights Committee has registered a complaint submitted by Aliaksandar Protska, a resident of Homieĺ who attempted to stage a protest against the charges his daughter faced for alleged human trafficking. The communication has been sent to the State for comments on the merits.

Halina Protska was accused of exporting women abroad for prostitution after she travelled to Turkey to her sister’s wedding. For about two years, the girl’s father defended her honor, dignity and reputation. The state-owned Belarus 1 TV channel aired a story labeling Mr. Protska’s a ‘pimp’. During the broadcast, Halina Protska was shown wearing handcuffs.

I have no choice but to start a public protest against the campaign of discrimination the state media launched against my daughter, but the authorities did not allow me to do this. Even the Supreme Court upheld the local authorities, saying that I had pay for the services of local officials, who will serve the picket, that is me, a lonely man with a poster in my hands,” says Aliaksandar Protska.

The case was labeled by independent media as ‘father for daughter’. It should also be noted that the Homieĺ Regional Court overturned the initial verdict against the girl. In his complaint, the father argues that the local authorities violated his right to freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly.

Earlier, the UN Human Rights Committee found a violation of Aliaksandar Protska’s right to freedom of information, when he was prosecuted for distributing invitations to a meeting in Brahin.


* – The decision of UN Human Rights Committee on that case (in rus.) can be found on the Belarusian Legsl Portal (BLP) – see the annex to the previously published material concerning the events of 2008 year.

According to spring96.org
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal.

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