2009 28/02

On 20-21 February Minsk hosted a regular session of the International Student Human Rights School/Students’ Rights, organized by the Studentskaya rada initiative, Youth Human Rights Movement and the Youth Network for Students Rights, and visited by 25 teenagers from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

The seminar was conducted by a CE expert Andrei Yurov, along with Dmitry Makarov, coordinator of the Youth Network for Students Rights.

According to the trainers, the session was one of the best in the project’s history due to an extremely high potential of the Belarusian youth in the field of human rights issues. ‘If we carry on, we can expect a brand new generation of human rights experts to appear in Belarus’, said Lizaveta Efimava, coordinator of the Minsk session of the International Student Human Rights School.

For more information on the activities of the school, see: site: http://www.inthrschool.org/node/73

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