2014 23/07

The situation with exactions (about of 10-20% of the cost of the ticket) on international tours at new Minsk bus station multiplies again. After a calm period when there was a conflict with passengers on international tours of Central bus station in Minsk and even conductors were changed, the situation multiplies again.

The actions started individual who was unwitnessed earlier, who is a conductor according to our observation and who worked earlier rather correctly. It seems to us that the stimulation of additional illegal income (at the expense of tourists) and lack of appeals of citizens to appropriate authorities turned the active “bus station luggage business” full circle.

Passengers understand that they are being robbed and take their things to the saloon more often. The luggage space till the Ashmiany stop is occupied less than for a half (see photos). Then luggage is moved from saloon to the luggage space, where it should be. However, dissatisfied with the decrease of additional (from the air) income conductors dishonestly demand additional payments for private things of passengers when they enter saloon of the bus in order to check tickets.

This situation made human rights defender Aliaksandr Lapicki to demand from the bus station employee to stop illegal actions which resemble “bus station racket” more than checking the tickets.

He helped some passengers to assert their right on transportation of their small luggage according to the tickets bought at the ticket office at the luggage space of international rout bus Miensk-Vilnia (see photos).

In the photo there is Tacciana Suhaparava, who had the ticket and couldn’t get on board for a long time without the help of human rights defender. She was not let in by the conductor, who demanded additional payment for the more than small luggage (see photos).

After she successfully boarded on the bus and took pills in order to calm down (!), she had a talk with human rights defenders from Zhodzina, who went to Vilnia on the same day ( see the attached audio, 5 minutes). She decided to appeal to the enterprise administration in order to find out whether actions of the conductor corresponded to the legislation in action.

It should be reminded once again that such attitude to tourists doesn’t make Miensk look more attractive, while unpunished practice of illegal exactions for using luggage spaces on international routes implemented by the administration of capital Autopark №2 continues to exist there for some reason. There is no such thing in any other capital in the world! Won’t there be a justice for extortionists, who were organized and legalized by the order of the director of the bus station?

Attachment: Audio report from boarding the bus and the talk that took place inside.

Quoting licviny-info

Photo by A. Łapicki

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