2009 28/02

According to www.interfax.by, the situation in the village of Pukhavichy (Homel region), famous for its notorious case of ‘the arsonist of Pukhavichy’, is getting tense, since some of the villagers are not pleased with murderers having been set free.

Three residents of the village were prosecuted for the murder of their fellow villager, thought to have been guilty of numerous arsons. Shortly after the suspects were put to prison, President Lukashenka publicly urged the police to release the murderers due to ‘the insignificance of the crime.’

Now the story is continued. 70 villagers addressed Lukashenka with an open letter urging the authorities to punish the accused.

‘There is no conflict between the villagers of Pukhavichy. It is only 70 people demanding to punish the accused under the law’, says local prosecutor I.Kupratsevich.

He also said no security measures were taken in the village, except for a 24-hour police patrol.

Meanwhile, another resident of Pukhavichy is likely to be prosecuted for the murder – it is a local resident sentenced to personal restraint for bodily injuries.

The events in Pukhavichy are another evidence of the legal ignorance of the executive power. Having released the suspects, the authorities added fuel to the fire, resulting in a split community.

Ales Leta,


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