2015 06/02

Human rights defenders from Biaroza applied for conducting agreements with the hospital, public utility sector and police for service during pickets on March 9th and March 25th.

They had to apply to local Regional Department of Internal Affairs because Biaroza executive committee hadn’t changed their decision according Resolution of Council of Ministers №207 that determines another order of notification of police officers about holding a public event. According the Resolution of Council of Ministers executive committee has to address them on receiving application for holding an event and arrange ensurance of law and order.

Biaroza executive committee had already changed their decision on holding public events in September 2014, but it was done so unprofessionally that the decision failed to undergo legal examination in Regional executive committee.   

Deputy Head of local executive committee Jauhien Tarasiuk repeatedly informed human rights defenders in November 2014 that new changed decision had been sent to undergo legal examination ad that the results would be published. However there has been no news about it since then.

Human rights defender declare following aims of pickets in Biaroza – commemoration of 97th anniversary of announcement of Belarusian People’s Republic (March 9th) and 97th anniversary of declaration of independence of Belarusian People’s Republic (March 25th), and also protest against disposition of Russian military bases in Belarus and expression solidarity with political prisoners.

Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

Inphoto: humarightsdefenderfromBiarozaSiarhiej Rusiecki
Fota: Alaksiej Łapicki, Lićviny-INFA


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