2015 25/01

How human rights defenders of Human rights center “Viasna” adopted experience of working with social networks and what came out of it…


On January 24th from 10 a.m. till 17 p.m at the BPF Party’s office which is situated at Czarnyszeuskaha str. 3, there was a meeting of friends. There the leader of Art-Siadziba Paval Belavus shared his experience of working with social networks and basics of social media management in general with human rights defenders of “Viasna” center.

Unusual for lawyers word “#tag” repeatedly sounded on that day in the famous party’s office. Some of active participants of informational exchange finally tried and were successful at creating of their own account in popular social network Facebook under the supervision of their friends…

Also the participants found out how specialist advise to promote brands of organizations, companies, programs on the Internet, how to create publics and communities n Facebook, what is the difference between social networks, and  lot of other things. Indeed, there is nothing to do without a # tag.


Not only social networks matter …


Exchange of opinions and practical work on chosen questions was finished by a conclusion “Not only social networks matter!” (see photos)

This quotation turned up to be a good reminder to everyone present about a wide range of opportunities of media sphere, and also about necessity of not only virtual, but also of live and direct work with citizens. There are no interesting informational events worth of special attention without life in real time, in real events, in real Belarusian society.

It is vitally important nowadays (in times of intense pressure of authorities against well-known internet recourses and independent press, and also general decreasing of civil activity in Belarus).

It seems that this quotation from the heading is rather up-to-date and clear for everyone.


Getting out of the screen …


As the result it is very clear that without events in real life indeed nothing worthy can happen on the internet.

There is no civil activity without active and concerned citizens. And if there is no impressive and attractive, important and interesting events, than there is nothing to tell about  on the internet.

That’s why it is obvious that everything is effective in its optimal and balanced combination. And no matter how you look at this simple (how it turned out) # tag in our (and not only our) “social and network conditions” one can’t do without trivial civil activity and living reality.


Ales Volny, 
Belarusian Legal Portal,

Photo by Alaksiej Lapicki

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