2015 16/01

Politicians Siarhiej Kaliakin and Viktar Karneenka, in favor of whom the UN made a decision, demand from minister of foreign affairs Uladzimier Makej to take measures directed to reconsider the application on state registration of established human rights civil organization “For Free Elections”. An appeal about revision of the case upon delivery of new facts is already made to the Chairman of Supreme court Valiancin Sukalo.  

We remind that in year 2011 Ministry of Justice formally refused to register civil organization “For Free Elections”. Establishers’ attempt to complain to Supreme Court was unsuccessful and Judge Ihar Milto took the side of the authorities.

 “On October 31st of 2014 during 112th session the United Nations Human Rights Committee made a decision on an individual claim (Kalyakin v. Belarus CCPR/C/112/D/2153/2012, en.), which states facts of violation of rights of 21 citizens of Belarus on freedom of association with others.  According to this decision the Government of Belarus among other is obliged to reconsider the application on state registration of civil organization established by us” – the establishers of civil organization wrote to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The same claim is delivered to the Minister of Justice Aleh Slizheuski.

Human rights defender Leanid Sudalenka who represents interests of Siarhiej kaliakin in the Human Rights Committee per procuration, believes that in order to fulfill decisions of the UN Committee Belarus needs political will in the first place.

 “Free-will fulfillment of the decisions of the UN has brought more benefit to our country for today, than a number of visits of Ministry of Foreign Affairs officers to high cabinets of the Europe. Moreover, this summer Human rights Committee will consider questions of the fulfillment of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in Belarus for the period from November 1997 to March 2015. Officials have a unique chance to present our country on international level as a civilized one”, – said human rights defender.



Quoting gomelspring.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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