2015 18/01

A criminal trial of human rights defender Rasul Jarafov began on January 15th in Baku serious crime court.  

 “Caucasian Knot” reports that curt trial for Jarafov case caused intense interest. Among those who came to court session there were activists of various non-governmental organizations, representatives of human rights organizations of Azerbaijan, and also representatives of embassies of the USA, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, some other European countries and EU missions. The courtroom that holds 50 people was overcrowded.   

During private session of the court lawyer Faryz Namazly made several motions. He suggested to terminate the proceeding in case considering “insufficiency of proves of Jarafov being guilty”. In case this move would not be approved the defense suggested to attach additional “financial documents that prove Jarafov’s innocence” to the case.

 “The accusal against Rasul Jarafov is insufficient. He conducted grant agreements as an individual person and all the money received were directed to the realization of projects. Howeveritisinsufficientlyrecognizedasillegalbusinessactivity”. This is the base of all the other accusations. Jarafov paid his personal income taxes and accusation of evasion f taxes is also insufficient. ”

Moreover, some receipts on his account were incorrectly recognized as “income”. It is referred to money for payment for transport charges to international events abroad and material assistance to other people, to imprisoned activist of Nida Ilkin Rustamadze in particular, – lawyer Namazly explained.

Lawyer also says that people joined to the case as complainants have no claims to Jarafov. Namazly also asked to change pre-trial restriction to house imprisonment, to allow the accused to sit with the lawyers during the court trial and also moved for audio and video recording of the trial to be made.

State prosecutor Mubaryz Mirali made a stand against approval of all the moves. However he spoke in a very low voice so that the present could hardly hear him.

As the resulf the court approved only one move regarding attaching additional materials provided by the advocacy to the case. All other moves were dismissed. At the same time the judge noticed that the moves could be made during the following court session once again.

The court session is announced to take place on January 27th.

WE remind that Rasul Jarafov was arrested on August 2nd 2014 and was accused of illegal business activity, evasion of taxes, and abuse of authority, falsification and peculation in big amount. In December 2014 preliminary investigation was finished. Jarafov believes all accusations to be insufficient and politically motivated. International human rights organization Amnesty International recognized Jarafov to be a political prisoner.

Quoting spring96.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

In photo: human rights defenderRasuł Džafaraŭ, Azerbaijan

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