2014 10/12

In 2014, 27 people applied to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations with the assistance of Homel Centre for Strategic Litigation. As a result, three communications were accepted for consideration on the merits.

During the year, the Committee adopted seven decisions on the communications, prepared by the organization earlier, reported the coordinator of the Center Leanid Sudalenka.

In particular, civil society activist Yury Rubtsou filed a communication with the Human Rights Committee concerning his arrest for wearing the T-shirt “Lukashenka Retire”, claiming violation of his freedom of expression. Among the applicants there are also members of the Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry in Homel region, other activists and social groups.

Decisions of the Human Rights Committee have been taken, in particular, in the case of Uladzimir Kirsanau, who had been prohibited to hold a picket in Zhlobin, in the case of Vasil Paliakou, who had been prosecuted for handing out greeting postcards on Independence Day in Homel, and in the case of Homel activist Uladzimir Niapomniashchyk, prosecuted for participation in the silent protests and the People’s Assembly.

Homel Center for strategic litigation, coordinated by Leanid Sudalenka and Vasil Paliakou, has acted in Homel for eight years already. The center provides assistance for the protection of civil and political rights at both the national and international level. For the time of the center’s existence, the Human Rights Committee adopted 22 decisions in favor of social and political activists from Homel region and other parts of Belarus. Moreover, 40 individual communications of Belarusian citizens, prepared with the assistance of the center, have been accepted and registered by the Committee.

Quoting spring96.org

Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

In photo – Leanid Sudalienka
Photo by A.Lapicki

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