2014 11/08

There is a picket in support of Mikalai Statkievicz and against Russian military aggression against the Ukraine is banned in Zhodzina. This ban was expected, because the applicants didn’t manage to attach to the application copies of paid service agreements with the police, health professionals and utility providers, which are necessary according to article 5 of Decree №1020 by Zhodzina executive committee from year 2012. Real impracticability (and moreover illegality) of this demand from applicants of peaceful assembly, but not “other public events” (sport, commercial, etc.) doesn’t bother local authorities.

It seems like violation of recognized principle of “legal certainty” which is obligatory for every legal document is made in this very Decree (and in many others all over the country) absolutely on purpose. It helps ideologists who judge by personal opinions and reasonability to cancel guaranties of the state on realization of right on freedom of peaceful assembly of citizens of Belarus. That’s how visibility of peace and stability is created, which hides ignore of constitutional rights on human rights, horrification and administrative prosecution of activists and total administrative-command control over the society.     

Moreover there is a bad tradition in Zhodzina not to deliver the decision of the executive committee to applicants by means regulated by law, 5 days before the declared date of the event. And this time human rights defenders became aware of the ban only after they address the head of ideological department of the executive committee Iryna Karpovicz. She said that the decision about the ban of the picket was sent to applicants on Monday July 28 of 2014 (that means in advance) and even by recorded delivery. However the problem is that this correspondence even if it existed hasn’t been delivered to the addressee yet.

As a result, on obliged requests to conduct paid service agreements the police didn’t reply to applicants (it is known since the previous court case that the police doesn’t conduct such agreements), utility providers – refused to conduct an agreement ( even for 10 million BYR for 1 piece of trash), and health professionals suggested to pay 104 900 BYR for medical assistant present and conducted the agreement, and the executive committee once again refused to perform its positive duties and constitutional guaranties towards citizens only on receiving the application without copies of paid service agreements requested.

In regards with the ban of the picket human rights defenders refuse to hold it and will celebrate the Solidarity day with Belarusian civil society by other non-prohibited means. They will find a way to express support to Mikalai Statievicz and other political prisoners in Belarus and will also speak up against Russian military aggression in the Ukraine.

Quoting licviny.info,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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