2014 04/12

Deputy Chair on ideological work of Salihorsk District Executive Committee Mikalai Maskevich turned down an application of the local representatives of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee for holding a picket on the occasion of the Human Rights Day on the central square of the town.

The official explained the ban on the event by the alleged unsuitability of the chosen site for holding the event (the “suitable” places are determined by the regulation of Salihorsk DEC “On measures to prevent incidents during mass events”, adopted October 7, 2004.

The picket organizer, BHC representative in Salihorsk Leanid Markhotka calls such decision of the local authorities totally illegal: “For our authorities any peaceful assembly is an incident. For many years, Salihorsk authorities have been guided by the principle – it is better to ban, than to allow. However, it is plainly absurd to ban pickets on the occasion of the Human Rights Day. Of course, we regard this decision as illegal and violating the international standards in the sphere of human rights, which Belarus undertook to observe,” commented the human rights activist.

According to Mr. Markhotka, in the coming days the local BHC mission will file a claim against this decision of Salihorsk authorities.

Quoting spring96.org

Prepared by Ales Leta
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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