2014 10/12

December 10 is the Human Rights Day, which is celebrated around the world. On this day in 1948 the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

A month ago, Vitebsk human rights activist Leonid Svetik sent a number of proposals to local authorities and state media in the region about the celebration of this important date, but its proposals were actually ignored.

Also apply for a picket held on December 10 in order to publicly mark the 66th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Although the venue for the rally was listed one of the three sites in the city, designated by local authorities for public events, deputy chief of staff of the Railway District of Vitebsk Alexander Ilmovich share banned, saying that the organizer of the picket is not attached to the application of the contract provided for its centenary.

Leonid Svetik offered Vitebsk Vitebsk city executive committee and board of deputies to hold a round table with participation of representatives of city authorities, human rights activists, leaders of public associations and political parties, as well as journalists. The round table was supposed to discuss the state of civil and political rights in Vitebsk, as well as to inform residents about the opportunities and how to protect economic, social and cultural rights.

We inform you that the Executive Committee had not planned for the “round table”, devoted to the 66th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” – briefly responded to the invitation Deputy Mayor Vladimir Shloma. And from the City Council of the human rights activist response did not wait.

No reply received from Leonid Svetik city newspaper “Vitbichi” whose editor he offered to prepare publications on human rights, including the interview with human rights defenders. But the director said broadcasting company “Vitebsk” Elena Pantyukhova, the name of which was sent to such a proposal. “Of course, your proposed topic is interesting, however, to create a TV show dedicated to the 66th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in RUPRTTS” TV and Radio Company “Vitebsk” the allocation of funds was not planned,” – she wrote.

“Human rights activists are turning to public authorities, organizations and the media with suggestions to jointly promote the ideas of the masses of human rights, the rule of law, international standards of human rights, and those and” nose are not. “Some even do not formally respond to the letter. This is outrageous,” – said Leonid Svetik reaction of the authorities and state-run media to his proposals.

Quoting dyjalog.info

Prepared by Ales Leta
Belarusian Legal Portal,

In the photo Leonid Svetik
Photo by A.Łapicki, Lićviny-INFA

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