2014 27/11

The human rights activist wants to get an official response, can be photographed in Vitebsk without permission. The basis for the administration of the treatment was the incident with the Vitebsk journalists and activists who are accused of holding an unauthorized action “based on” snapshots with the photo shoot.

Vitebsk human rights activist sent to the administration of the Railway District statement that on December 12 he’s going to take a picture with your friends on the background of the cityscape. “Kind of mass photography: performance – a form of contemporary art, where the work is an action of the group,” – says human rights activist, meaning that participants taking pictures during a photo shoot can be moved to make some poses, carry things, that during filming transfer them to other participants, and so on.

Levinau Paul emphasizes that he takes personally assume responsibility for the preservation of law and order during a photo shoot that will not allow the fact of the participants some articles or substances that may be a source of danger to others.

“I want to get an official response from the authorities, whether it is necessary to ask permission to photograph the mass, or not. I’m going to spend a performance with the photo shoots on the street Elias – to the point where at the beginning of the month were photographed Vitebsk journalists and activists, which then accounted for this protocol as participants of an unauthorized rally, “- says Paul Levine. – If I was told that permission to photograph is not necessary, then it is unclear why the staff of the Railway police department accused members photoshoot for participating in an unsanctioned event. And if you write that permission is required, or do not allow me to arrange a photo session for any reason – it is a real scandal. Indeed, in this case, it turns out that to be photographed in the street – this offense, and all the fans to act against the city landscape – offenders. “

Treatment of human rights defender in the administration of railway area due to the fact that against the participants in a photo shoot on the street Elias, near the former buildings of the House of Culture, now the factory administrative affairs and appoint courts. The idea of the photo shoot was to continue the topic raised by an unknown artist-grafittistom: on the wall of the building is depicted as a bird made of newspaper flies out of the cage … The participants also held a photo shoot in the hands of paper and cells made of origami paper birds. According to the head of the department concluded the prevention and protection of law and order police Zheleznodorozhny District Alexander Rybakov, who draw up reports on administrative offense, it was a picket and present “expressed their social and political beliefs.”

With this interpretation of events does not agree, none of the five people who have already received a subpoena for 28 November (journalists Elena Stepanova and Dmitry Kazakevitch, public activist Elena Shabunya) and 1 December (public activist Tatiana Sevyarynets, journalist Kastus Mardzvincau).

Quoting dyjalog.info

Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal.

In photo – Levinau Paul
Photo by A.Lapicki

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