2014 25/11

Another administrative trial of deputy chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BPF, Yuras Belenki, will be held on November 28 in the Leninski District Court of Minsk.

The opposition activist is one of the organizers of the march in Loshytsa Yar in Minsk, a place of execution of victims of the Bolshevik terror that, took place on November 9. He was charged under Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code (violation of the order of organization or holding mass events) – for failure to pay for the services of police officers who were maintaining public order during the rally.


On November 17, Judge Anastasiya Papko of Minsk’s Pershamaiski District Court fined Yuras Belenki three million rubles for organizing a memorial rally (Dziady) on November 2.

Juraś Bieleńki associates this punishment with a continuation of the practice of administrative harassment from the authorities on the national and political reasons.

It should be noted that during the current shares on “Dziady” the representative of the CCP-BPF party, which appeared to be the organizer of the authorized activities, among other things very clearly and publicly stated its position on the future of the so-called presidential elections in 2015 in Belarus and the positive changes that have come into the country – see the video – interview with the organizer of the shares of the “Dziady, 2014” in Minsk, one of the party leaders of the CCP-BPF Yuras Bielienki (Juraś Bieleńki) 02.11.2014г.

Quoting AlVistud and spring96.org
Prepared bz Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

In photo Juraś Bieleńki in the meeting (Dziady-2014, Miensk)
Photo by A.Lapicki

2 thoughts on “Conservative Christian Party deputy chair to stand trial over memorial rally”

  1. AL says:

    The new practice of prosecution for opinions, and peaceful assembly – the event is permitted done without offense, but … the organizers in the future suddenly summoned to court and receive administrative punishment, administrative convictions and bear the costs through penalties …

    So a constitutional right, which today systematically violates the prohibition of peaceful assembly in Belarus, which UNHRC make appropriate binding decisions, begins like implemented, but with the consequent punishment for the organizers – the loss of material, moral and physical. Goebbels would be here than to learn.((

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