2014 18/11

On November 17 the court of Pershamaisky district of Minsk started the trial of the deputy chairman of the Conservative Christian Party BNF Yuras Belenki. He is accused of breaking the law on mass events as the organizer of the meeting (Part 2 art.23.34 of the Administrative Code).

According to police reports, Yuras Belenki didn’t provide protection and health care during the meeting Dziady held on November 2. Despite the fact that on October 27 there was held a joint meeting of representatives of Minsk police, prosecutors, organizer of the event, the protocol tells that he (organizer) didn’t agree on measures to ensure law and order.

Judge Anastasia Papko, that is conducting the trial, didn’t satisfy the request of Belenki call in evidence the representative of the public security police of Minsk police – Hryshchanka and the public prosecutor Smalenski.

The representative of the Minsk City Executive Committee Yuri Uralski said in court that “there weren’t any significant violations on the part of the organizers”, and nobody told them (Executive Committee) about non-payment.

The judge questioned the witness of the Minsk City Executive Committee Ivan Yaskevich. Next the judge got acquainted with the video protocol of the joint meeting on 27 October and studied of written material of the case.

Judge Anastasia Papko announced the decision: a fine of 20 basic units (three million rubels).


Politician connects it with the continuation of his punishment practices administrative prosecution authorities on national and political reasons.

It should be noted that in the current “Dziady” party spokesman CCP BPF, which means the organizer of unsanctioned activities, among other things very clearly and publicly stated his position on the future of so-called presidential elections in 2015 in Belarus, and the positive changes that must come to the country (see video).

It seems totally unexpected administrative penalty in court Yuras Belenky was the authorities’ reaction to the strong message of solidarity with the Society and Ukraine, which were made parties to the action event during the commemoration of ancestors “Dziady” November 2, 2014 in Minsk.

Thus, it should be noted that the observed defenders attempted provocation by unidentified and the how-to kind of detainees during violation of law enforcement officials in civilian clothes, most likely, have remained unpunished (!?).

In this case, we can state the continuation of discriminatory practices in relation to the power of Belarusian and the patriotic citizens and at the same time – loyalty regime and state law enforcement institutions to the representative of the pro-government or anti-Belarusian completely groups who sometimes quite aggressive and provocative actions without any restrictions and the power to still feel masters of the situation in Belarus.


VIDEO is here “Dziady-2014, Juraś Bieleńki (Kurapaty, Miensk)”

Ales` LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

On the main photo – Juraś Bieleńki
Photo and Video by Alaksiej Łapicki

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