2014 25/07

Eduard Nialubovicz, an activist of the United Civic Party of Belarus from Homiel addressed the UN Human Rights Committee with an appeal, which contains complaint on the prohibition of two peaceful assemblies – a picket in support of political prisoner and human rights defender Ales Bialiacki on the 10th of November and street procession in support of the Ukrainian Maidan on the 21st of December by local authorities.

At first activist tried to elicit the truth inside the country, however Belarusian Themis took the side of the authorities. After he used all the methods of effective and affordable methods of legal remedy, he decided to seek justice at the international level.

It is surprising, that Deputy Head of Supreme Court judge Andrej Zabara replied to the supervisoy appeal of Eduard Nialubovicz and wrote that national legislation doesn’t contradict to international law on freedom of assembly, as International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights allows abridgement of the right on peaceful assembly.

Eduard Nialubovicz asks the Committee to recognize the fact of violation by the Republic of Belarus of his rights according to article 19 (freedom of expression) and article 21 (freedom of peaceful assembly) of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The activist also asks the UN to give recommendations to the Republic of Belarus to harmonize international legislation on public events and the practice of its application with international obligations of the state.

It must be noted that the UN Committee has already twice made decisions on appeals of activists from Homiel Uladzimier Siakierka and Uladzimier Kirsanau on prohibitions of peaceful assemblies. In both cases international experts not only recognized the violations of right on peaceful assembly, but recommended to the Government of Belarus to harmonize international legislation on public events and the practice of its application with its international obligations.

Photo by Radio Liberty

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Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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