2014 24/07

There is an application for holding a picket made in Viciebsk. The aim of the action, which is to happen on the 4th of August, is to get citizens of the city acquainted with the fact that there are political prisoners in Belarus recognized by Belarusian society, international and Belarusian human rights organizations. Human rights defender Leanid Sviecik is the initiator of the action.

“Despite the fact that Belarusian human rights defender, the Head of human rights center “Viasna”Alies Bialiacki has been recently released under amnesty, there are seven still imprisoned political and civil activists who are recognized to be political prisoners. That’s why it is necessary to raise a question of their speedy release and recovery with Belarusian authorities. The declared picket is an attempt to remind citizens of Viciebsk about political prisoners in the country, to support the development of their active civic position”, – Leanid Sviecik reports.

In his appeal to the administration of Czyhunaczny region of Viciebsk human rights defender reminds to the authorities that rights of citizens on freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly are the most important political rights.

During several recent years it is almost impossible to exercise these rights in the city, as there is a wall in the form of the decree of Viciebsk executive committee №881 from the 10th July of 2009. According to article 3 of the decree the providers of public events must attach agreements with a range of institutions and organizations on supporting actions to the appeal.

At Leanid Sviecik’s opinion the picket he applied for will be hold with the involvement of the state, as it will be held at the place specially defined by the authorities. That’s why human rights defender believes there is no necessity to fulfill the requirements of article 3 of the decree.

Leanid Sviecik asks the authorities who will decide on his appeal to pay extra attention to this fact. He asks them to provide the public event with public order, medical assistance and municipal service at the expense of the state, and to “make arrangements for protection of participants of picket from possible provocations and illegal actions of law-enforcement authorities during preparation and holding of the public event, and on its completing”.

Quoting vitebskspring.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

In the photo – Leanid Śviecik
Photo by A. Łapicki

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