2014 21/07

Human rights defenders Anatol Paplauny and Leanid Sudalenka, who planned to hold a series of pickets in the region on the 27th of July on the Independence Day together with other activists and representatives of democratic organizations received denials of applications for holding the pickets.

Deputy Head of the executive committee Aksana Rudzianok sent the applicants letters of denial.

The officer informed about the requirements of local decree to be unfulfilled. According to the decree every provider of public event is to conduct service agreements in advance and prepay the services of ambulance service and street sanitation.

The second reason of denial was the wish of human rights defenders to hold public events in the most crowded places of the city center while the decree allows to hold pickets and other actions in two places only – at the crossroad of Barykina and Vajennaja streets, and near the stadium, which is situated on the skirts of the city.

Human rights defenders remark that the right on freedom of peaceful assembly and as the result on freedom of expression in the half a million city was put under a ban 10 years ago.

“The authorities signed the decree according to which it is necessary to conduct service agreements on supporting public events with emergency ward and road maintenance enterprise “HarSAP”. It is impossible to manage because the first say that they don’t have enough of emergency ambulances, and the others refer to the lack of staff,”Anatol Paplauny comments on the situation.

Leanid Sudalenka notices that if they fulfilled the requirements of the decree regarding the places of holding public events in Homiel, then the pickets become useless as usually there are no people at that places at all. That’s why the only way of solving the problem is making complaints in order to show the irrationality of the decree of the executive committee.

Quoting gomelspring.org,
Prepared by Aleś LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

In the photos: 1) Anatol Papłaŭny; 2) Leanid Sudalenka (Homiel)
Photo by A.Łapicki

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