2014 31/10

Persecution of expression is the most often one in Belarus. Homel Center for Strategic litigation made this conclusion on the bases of analysis of all decisions of the UN Committee on Human Rights made on Belarusian cases. Head of the Center Leanid Sudalenka emphasized: every second Belarusian case considered in Geneva is on prosecution of people for expressing opinions.

Currently United Nations Human Rights Committee made 68 decisions on Belarusian cases and found in 34 of them violations of the right to freedom of expression. Thus, we can say that every second Belarusian case in the UN concerns violations of the right to freedom of expression.

For ease of acquaintance with these cases, human rights defenders divided them into categories: information dissemination – 13 cases; expression opinions during the peaceful meetings – 10 cases; prohibition of peaceful meeting – 4 cases; transportation of printed materials – 3 cases; publication of opinions – 2 cases; information retrieval – 2 cases.



All Belarusian cases, that have been considered by the Committee on Human Rights, is available in English and Russian languages ​​in the “Tables of all decisions UNHRC on Belarus” of the Center of Public and Political Rights of the UN (CPPR UN) – see banner in the top right corner of the Belorussian Legal Portal (BLP), as well as the relevant chapters of the Аrchive of the main page of our website: “The UN HRC decisions,” “Cases in the UN HRC.” In the last section, except the decisions UNHRC placed compilation specific documents of Belarusian cases in UNHRC completely (documents are attached as sending for publication and gradual work up of sections).

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Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal.

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