2014 16/07

Local human rights defender Uladzimier Cieliapun made an application for holding a picket on the 3rd of August to Mazyr regional executive committee. A picket is to protest regarding political prisoners in Belarus, supporting them and claiming for their immediate release.

Human rights defender writes in his statement: “The fact that there are political prisoners in Belarus causes disturbance and indignation. Repressive actions of the authorities contradict to the idea of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international legal obligations and Constitution of the Republic of Belarus; they are inadmissible and insulting for the whole country.”

He asks the authorities to give directions to the relevant services of the executive committee in order to insure public order and security, organize medical assistance during the public event and cleaning of the grounds after it, and to decide the order of paying for these services.

Human rights defender comments: “All of my precious attempts to express my opinion in public were unsuccessful and now there are also few chances that the picket will be authorized. However it is necessary to remind to the authorities about fulfillment and protection of rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.”

We remind that on the 9th of July human rights defenders from Homiel Leanid Sudalienka and Anatol Paplauny made an application for holding a similar picket on the 4th of August to Homiel executive committee.

Quoting spring96.org,
Prepared by Aleś LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

In the photo: Uładzimier Cielapun
Photo by A.Łapicki

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