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In Homiel there is a decision concerning the procedure of public events in force, according to which anyone who would like to hold a mass-meeting or to attract attention to any problem is obliged to conduct service agreements with ambulance and for cleaning of grounds at his own expense. Nevertheless particular providers of such services are listed in the decision, no one managed to conduct an agreement with them.

The chairman of regional organization of left-wing parties “A just world” Ulazimier Siakierka made another attempt to conduct agreements on provision of services during public event and following the decision of executive committee addressed organizations mentioned in the decision.

Mikhal Prystupin, Chief Doctor of the city emergency ward said that: “According to the work load of the emergency ward in summer period we have no possibility to conduct a service agreement for providing you with paid medical assistance during your public event”

Aliaksandr Sivakou, director of road maintenance enterprise “HarSAP” explained to party members, that: “it is impossible to conduct an agreement for cleaning of grounds after holding a public event because of acute shortage of cleaning specialists at the moment”.

The leader of Homiel regional organization “A just world” was lead to executive committee after subordinated organizations completely disregarded the decision of local authorities.

Deputy Head of Homiel executive committee Aksana Rudzianok reported: The decision of the executive committee doesn’t oblige specified organizations to conduct agreements. Directors of these organizations conduct the agreements in every specific case in accordance with objective reasons”.

Uladimier Siakierka commented on the events: “In fact the officers tell us that this decision acts towards citizen onlys. The organizations listed in the decision cannot execute it in accordance with objective reasons. Such a kind of an absurd decision and understanding of constitutional right of citizens on freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression remains in force in Homiel executive committee”.

We remind that this year democratic society “celebrates” 10th anniversary of prohibition of pickets and meetings -since year 2004 the authorities of the city and of the region haven’t authorized a single public event.


Decision of Homiel executive committee “On public events in Homiel” (in Russian)

According to Homelspring
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

In the photo – deputy head of Homiel executive committee Aksana Rudzianok.

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