2014 22/09

Members of the Conservative Christian Party BNF Jan Dzyarzhautsau Aleh Emialianau and Peter Sarapenia applied for meetings at the three districts of the city. And have got refuses from three district administrations.

According to Jan Dzyarzhautsau , the purpose of these meetings were public condemnation of the Russian aggression against an independent sovereign Ukraine:

“We have got refuse on the grounds that we hadn’t conclude an agreementon service of the meetings with the housing and communal services, the medical service and the police. We need this agreement in accordance with the decision of the Executive Committee of Vitebsk. However, the agreement is impossible – the medical service and the police have never agreed to conclude an agreementwith us.”

Jan Dzyarzhautsau reported that Ukrainian theme remains vital for the party members, as well as for all compatriots. So he and Peter Sarapenia reapply to picket with the same purposes – to draw public attention to the events in Ukraine. Application is filed in the administration of the October district on 17 October. Also there are written letter with another proposal to conclude contracts for the service of the meeting.

Jan Dzyarzhautsau is saying that the representatives of the CCP BNF are ready to initiate once again a campaign for a change in the decision of the city executive committee №881 “On Mass Events in the city of Vitebsk.” There were several of such initiatives, but they were unsuccessful: all instances responded to the activists that the decision passed legal review, approved, and therefore deemed to be committed.

Quoting vitebskspring.org
Prepared by Ales LETA
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