2009 20/02

Zmitser Khvedaruk

Zmitser Khvedaruk

Zmitser Khvedaruk, forcefully drafted into army “Young Front” activist, was postponed a surgery till 14 March. He has to serve in the military unit in Zhodzina on the same basis as other soldiers.

Zmitser Khvedaruk had a medical examination in polyclinic # 14 yesterday, website mfront.net reports.
It was planned that the activist would be hospitalized after the examination and analyses. It should be reminded that he has a varicose vein and needs a surgery.
Zmitser Khvedaruk refused to have a surgery in Barysau and was taken to military hospital in Minsk. The medical examination was conducted by Colonel Chaika.

As it was found out after the examination, the hospital didn’t have enough places for soldiers, so the surgery was delayed for some weeks. Zmitser was said he would be hospitalized on March 14.

Zmitser Khvedaruk was taken to the military unit in Zhodzina, and the ill young man will have to serve in the army on the equal basis as other soldiers.

Source: www.charter97.org

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