2014 01/08

European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia to pay co-chairman of RPR-PARNAS Barys Niamcou 26 000 Euro as compensation for moral damage.

Moreover, the state will have to pay 2 500 Euro on account of legal costs.

According to the court judgment published on the 31st freedom of assembly rally on the 21st several articles of the European convention on Human rights and Fundamental Freedoms, reports RBC.

It is referred to “Freedom of assembly and association” (article 11), “Prohibition of torture” (article 3), “Right to liberty and security” (article 5), “Right to a fair trial” (article 6) and “Right to an effective remedy” (article 13).

According to the judgment, the applicant claimed 50 000 as compensation for moral damage. The Government of Russia controverted this claim as “unproven and excessive” and found that the recognition by court of the fact of state misconduct will be enough and fair compensation to the applicant.

We remind that on the 31st of December 2010 there were two rallies in support of 31st Constitution, that guarantees freedom of assembly. Authorized by capital authorities rally was headed by human rights defender Ludmila Aliaksiejeva, non-authorized rally was headed by the leader of the “The Other Russia” Eduard Limanau. During the second action of protest 68 people were arrested, among them there was Limanau himself, and also Barys Niamcou, Illia Jakszyn, Kanstancin Kasiakin and others.

On the 2nd of January 2011 Niamcou was sentenced to 15 days of arrest for disobedience to police officers. The politician called the court judgment “a disgrace and derision of justice”. Tver court of Moscow didn’t accept the complaint on the arrest sentence, and on the 10th Niamcou complained to the ECHR.

According to Charter97.org,
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