2014 05/08

Citizens of Zhodzina celebrated Day of Solidarity with Belarusian civil society.
Local authorities prohibited to hold a picket in Zhodzina.

“It was so unusual, that applicants hadn’t received any documented reply from the executive committee”, – says Aliaksiej Lapicki, who is responsible for the holding of the picket.

At the same time, the head of the ideological department Iryna Karpovicz commented by the phone, that the denial of holding a picket was sent to the human rights defenders by registered mail with delivery notification on 28th how this registered mail is still being delivered from the executive committee by means of Central Post Office (which is situated in a five-minute’ walk from the applicants) and can’t reach the consignee…(!?).

Nevertheless, taking into consideration the denial of action the human rights defenders had to cancel the picket that was planned in support of Mikalai Statkievicz and other political prisoners, and also against Russian aggression in the Ukraine. On this day they met wearing T-shirts with “I have the right on peaceful assembly!” slogan. Some of them went out in the streets of the town of Belaz and were riding a bike for several hours until after dark, were meeting and talking to passers-by, acquaintances and shared information. Some of them walked around the town or did preparatory and office work, providing information support to the solidarity actions on the day of international solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners and Belarusian civil society.

We remind, that on this day three years ago famous Belarusian human rights defender Alies Bialiacki was arrested. He was released under an amnesty and is at liberty now. After the human rights defender was arrested, international community declared the 4th day of solidarity with political prisoners and Belarusian civil society. At the moment there are ex-presidential candidate Mikalai Statkievicz and six other prisoners of conscience who were imprisoned for political reasons.

According to licviny.info,
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

Photos by A. Lapicki

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