2014 04/09

The official reason for the picket ban, cited by the Brest City Executive Committee, was that another mass event would be held at the action site at the specified time.

September 3, one of the picket organizers, Brest coordinator of the campaign “For Small Borde Traffic” Aliaksandr Khrapko, paid a visit to the stadium “Locomotive”, which was defined by the authorities for public events, and didn’t see there any other event. Thus, the officials lied the activists while prohibiting the picket.

Aliaksandr Khrapko is convinced that the authorities just want to prevent the dissemination of information about facilitating cross-border movement and all other measures, as a result of which Belarusian citizens will have an opportunity to cross the border with the EU countries without visas.

Brest authorities also banned another picket in support of local border traffic between Poland and Belarus, which the organizers intended to hold at another officially approved site, in the park of soldiers-internationalists.

Source: spring96.org

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