2014 24/06

Belarusian-speaking citizens of Salihorsk supported the initiative of human rights defender Harry Pahaniajla regarding the discrimination of the Belarusian language and appealed to the Constitutional court.

As it turned out, “Law on constitutional legal proceedings” came into force on the 13th and replaced the previous version of the “Law on Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus”. It is the first time when citizens and non-governmental organizations gain the right to appeal to the court in order to institute legal proceedings on the cases regarding changing legal gaps, excluding conflicts of law and legal uncertainties. The initiative of legal expert of RHRPA “Belarusian Helsinski Committee”.

Harry Pahaniajla is about excluding law conflicts in the legislation about languages.

The idea was supported by working group of Assembly of NGOS in Belarus. Methodological recommendations and the text of appeal were published on the internet and on Belarusian Legal portal so that everyone concerned could appeal to the Constitutional court. Several citizens of Salihorsk took the opportunity and added some examples of the discrimination of Belarusian-speaking people in their region to the appeal. Among the appellants there are Uladzimir Szyla, Leanid Marhotka, Aliaksiej Varabjou and Ryhor Astapienia, who are famous public persons in Salihorsk.

According to licviny.info,
Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

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