2014 28/08

The Kastrychnitski District Court of Minsk considered yesterday an administrative case against an activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party, Andrus Kasheuski.

Transport police officers charged him with two offenses, including distribution of newspapers, which they viewed as an unauthorized mass event (Art. 23.34 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). The other charge dealt with alleged hooliganism (Article 17.1 of the Administrative Code). The case was considered by Judge Aliaksandar Siarhei, who eventually found the activist guilty and sentenced him to five days of arrest.

Andrus Kasheuski had to spend the night before the trial at the police department.
The activist was detained on August 26 in Minsk, while distributing the independent press to earn a living.

Previously, Andrus Kasheusky freely distributed newspapers and human rights materials in Smalyavichy and Zhodzina, and with defenders from Zhodzina had free participations in the campaign “No – the death penalty!” during the presidential election of 2010 (see. photos from Zhodzina). Police deliberately prosecution activist for national symbols and realization of his inalienable constitutional right to disseminate information and independent media.

Prepared by Ales LETA,
Belarusian Legal Portal,

In photo – Andrus Kasheuski during human rights action in Zhodino (2010)

Photo by A.Lapicki

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