2014 24/05

Zmicier Karashkou is a public activist from Homel of “Stop drinking – we have to live” Company. He brings to the international community the facts of being repeatedly persecuted by the state for expressing his opinion related to Russia’s initiation of war in the Ukraine, and for drawing attention to the problem of alcoholization of the nation.

After the first trial Zmicier was sentenced to 15 days of arrest, after the second he was heavily fined.

The complainant appealed to the superior authorities, however unsuccessfully. For this reason Zmicier Karashkou complained to the UN Committee after he had exhausted all effective domestic remedies.

He asks to recognize repeated violation of his freedom to express his opinion by the Republic of Belarus and to give a recommendation to the government of the Republic of Belarus to bring the law on public events, according to which he is being persecuted, in compliance with international obligations of the state.

We remind, that coordinator of “Stop drinking – we have to live” civil company Zmicier Karashkou continuously makes strands for public interests.

of November 2011 the activist spread a big banner “Stop selling alcohol near schools” by the building of On 11th executive committee on Lenin central square in Homel. Then Zmicier was charged of disturbance of public event and the court fined him heavily.

On 11th of March 2014 Zmicier Karashkou came to the building of Russian embassy in Minsk with a banner “Putin – hands off the Ukraine”. Minsk Central district court found him guilty of disturbance of public event and arrested him for 15 days, which Zmicier had to spend at temporary detention facility on Akrescina str. in Minsk.

The UN Committee has registered and is considering a complaint by Zmicier Karashkou regarding his being persecuted for taking part in Public Gathering that took place in the autumn of 2011 in Homel.

Homel Center for Strategic Litigation helps Zmicier to defend his rights at the domestic and international level.

Source: gomelspring.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

In the photo: Zmicier Karashkou at Homel Court
The photo is taken from vk.com (improved by A.Lapicki)

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