2014 13/08

Therefore “we are all to blame for what is happening in the Ukraine…” – was stated media expert Svitlana Yeremenko during the round table “One country. Civil unity, struggle against separatism and occupation, resistance to informational aggression on the example of the Dnipropetrovsk region”, held on 12 August.

“Everyone is to blame: our presidents who didn’t have a firm position, the society, who just “didn’t care”, the artistic and scientific elite, the media, journalists, NGOs – all of us … I have recently visited Zaporizzha and was amazed! The names of places haven’t changed there in 24 years of independence: the longest street – Lenin Street, ends with Lenin Square featuring a monument to Lenin. There is an island, and hydroelectric power plant named after Lenin … The street with the monument to Lenin also has a monument to … Dzerzhinsky. On the house where the Zaporizzha branch of the Union of Journalists of Ukraine, there is a food-store named “SSSR Foodstuffs”. And this is Zaporizzha, which is to become the cradleof patriotism, because it has the famous Khortytsya island,” Donetsk Press Club quotes the expert.

According to her, for all these years, Ukrainians were under the informational occupation which became especially acute during the Maidan and reached unprecedented aggression.

“Worst of all, Ukrainian citizens suffered from information attacks for years in the rear – on the part of the national media, mainly the television. Our youngsters continue dying on the east of the Ukraine, whereas the TV channels are again full with TV series – all these “Streets of Broken Lights”, “Marines”, “Brothers”, “Admirals”, etc. continue promoting the heroic history of the USSR and Russia. Is it trifles? Far from that! In fact, glorification of foreign heroes affects the collective subconscious and influences the public opinion,” reasoned Svitlana Yeremenko.

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