2009 11/02

NGOs Assembly

NGOs Assembly

On 7 February there took place the constituent assembly of the Assembly of Democratic NGOs, at which the organization charter and other documents necessary for state registration were adopted. 

Among the founders of the assembly there are NGOs from all over Belarus, including the Republican human rights association Belarusian Helsinki Committee, the Center for Human Rights, Minsk NGO ‘Center Supolnasc, the public association of large families of Verkhniadzvinski district Family, etc. If the Assembly of Democratic NGOs passes the state registration successfully, other NGOs will be invited to join it as well.

It is not the first attempt to get the Assembly registered. The documents for its registration were filed to the Ministry of Justice in 2002. The registration refusal was sent to the applicants 1,5 years after – which is a violation of the legally established terms for answering. During this considerable period of time some of the organizations who founded the assembly were liquidated by court on the initiative from the Ministry of Justice, which was declared the official reason for the registration denial.

Source: www.spring96.org

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