2014 16/07

Human rights defender Uladzimir Malei applied to the Mazyr District Executive Committee to hold a picket in support of political prisoners on August 3.

In Mozyr district executive committee local human rights activist Vladimir Telepun filed on August 3 picket to express protest in connection with the presence of political prisoners in Belarus, support and demands immediate release.

“The existence of political prisoners in Belarus makes me alarmed and outraged. Repressive actions of the authorities are contrary to the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the international legal obligations and the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, they are unacceptable and offensive to the whole country,” the human rights defender in his appeal.

He asks the city authorities to order the appropriate to ensure public order and safety. organization of medical care at the mass event, clean-up after its end, and to determine the order of payment of costs for these services.

“All my previous attempts to express my opinion in public had no success. There is little hope that this picket will be authorized. However, it is necessary to remind the local officials about the implementation and maintenance of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution in any case,” commented Mr. Malei.

Bear in mind that July 9 Homel human rights defenders Leanid Sudalenka and Anatol Paplauny applied to the Homel City Executive Committee for holding a similar picket in Homel on August 4.

In the photo – Vladimir Telepun
Photo: A.Lapicki

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