2014 30/05

On May 29 in Kastrychnickaya Square in Minsk riot militia officer detained several participants of the picketing “Death to Kremlin occupiers”.

All of them are activists of youth public association “Alternative”. The head of “Alternative” Aleh Korban wrote about it on facebook.

About 7 p.m. they came to the Kastrychnickaya Square in Minsk with a placard “Death to Kremlin occupiers”. After a few minutes a bus with riot militia arrived at the square. As a result, three members of the picket Volha Burnievich, Volha Zhurauliova and Siarhei Kachura were arrested and taken to the Central district miltia station.

Four hours later they were released. Volha Zhurauliova was drawn up for the unauthorized event; the trial will be held on Monday. It was reported that Volha was there with her 6 year old son, he was also taken to the militia station.

The trial took place today. First, the case was returned to the central militia station, then back to court. As a result, the woman was punished by a fine of five basic units (750 thousand rubles).

Quoting Charter97.org
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

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