2014 02/06

Baranavichy district court refused to return Ukrainian flag to Uladzimir Hundar. This comes from the letter signed by the deputy chairman of the court Vasil Petryva, which the public activist received by mail.

It is reported that the court did not find sufficient reasons to return the flag as “the material similar to the flag of Ukraine does not meet the proportions of a flag”.

Uladzimir Hundar believed that the court doesn’t want to return him the flag, and therefore it invented such an answer.

– In court judge Stanislau Pivavar demonstrated my poster “Putin’s aggressors’ gang, get out of Ukraine, out of Belarus” and this Ukrainian flag. And he did not say that this material does not meet the established proportions, he called it “the Ukrainian flag”. But the deputy chairman of the court Vasil Petryu considers otherwise, – said Uladzimir Hundar.

It turns out a strange situation: when the court wants to punish the activist, it considers that he used the Ukrainian flag. And when Uladzimir Hundar requests to return the flag of Ukraine, the court replies that it is not the flag but a material, similar to the flag of Ukraine.


Written refusal to return the flag of Ukraine

Quoting spring96.org
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

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