2014 30/05

Chairman of Homel region court Siarhei Shautsou believes that the Belarusian law on freedom of assembly does not contradict international standards of freedom of peaceful assembly. He said this to the activist of trade union of radio-electronic industry (REI) Andrei Stryzhak who complained about the ban of a procession in Rechitza street.

“The legislation of the Republic of Belarus does not contradict international standards on freedom of assembly, to which you refer in your complaint,” – said the chairman of the court when considering the application of the trade union activist and to be more convincing he immediately quoted the excerpt from Article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Andrew Strizhak disagrees with the chairman of the court appealing to the conclusion of the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission), which recognized the Belarusian law not consistent with international standards.

“In addition, there are many decisions of the UN Council on Human Rights, in which the national law on mass events and its practice are constantly criticized, the Belarusian authorities are asked to change this law,” – says A.Stryzhak.

“I think the official of this level must know that if the government imposes any restrictions on freedom of peaceful assembly it should be guided by the purpose of the implementation of this law, but not to impose excessive and disproportionate restrictions which in practice lead to a ban, as in my case” – summed up the trade union activist.

Let us remind you, that the last 10 years in Homel region authorities has not been allowing democratically minded citizens to conduct more than 500 announced peaceful meetings on various topics, which are of public interest.


Decisions of UNHRC against Belarus are also available:

– On the website of the Center for Civil and Political Rights (English, original);
– On the page of the Center for Strategic Litigation (Rus)

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Prepared by Ales LETA
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