2014 12/04

Hrodna human rights defenders Uladzimir Khilmanovich, Viktar Sazonau and Raman Yurhel appealed to the Hrodna Regional Court to challenge the decision of the Leninski District Police Department, by which each of them was fined 25 basic units.

Bear in mind that Judge Natallia Kozel sided with the police while considering the reports of administrative violations and qualified the photos of the human rights defenders with Belarusian and Ukrainian symbols, posted on Freedom Day, March 25, as unauthorized picket.

The human rights defenders blankly disagree with such interpretation of the legislation. In their applications, they argue that they didn’t plan and didn’t hold any mass event. The charges are based solely on the photos posted on the Internet. On this basis, Natallia Kozel fined each of the activists 25 basic units.

Viktar Sazonau, Uladzimir Khilmanovich and Raman Yurhel regard such inadequate reaction of the police and court indictment as political persecution.

Quoting spring96.org
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

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