2014 21/04

Minsk Central District Prosecutor’s Office on its own initiative required from the judge Alena Siamak the motivating part of the trial and the protocol of the court session on sculptor Henadz Loika’s case, who litigated with the KGB over the Belarusian language.

It became known from a letter signed by the deputy prosecutor of the Central District M. Hortau to Central District Court of April 11.

Let us recall, that according to the law, the prosecutor’s office has the right to protest issuance decisions of the judiciary.

The reason of the appeal was the refusal of KGB officer to talk to mr.Loika in Belarusian when he attended the reception of the KGB.

The judge Siamak first refused to run the process in Belarusian language, arguing that the right to choose the language of the process depends on the person conducting the process and after refused Henadz Loika the right to have an interpreter.

During the trial, the judge found no reason that Loika’s rights have been violated, because the obligation of public servants to communicate with citizens in Belarusian language is not legally confirmed.

Quoting spring96.org
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

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