2014 15/04

Alena Kavalenka was punished by a fine of 20 basic units, which is 3 million rubles. Previously, another participant of the same action, a member of the CCP BNF Jan Dziarzhautsau,
was arrested for 7 days.

Both activists were judged by the same court judge of Pershamayski district – Natallia Karablina.

“Alena Kavalenko refused to give explanations. She only said that during this action together with Jan Dziarzhautsau they were realizing their right to public expression of their views. And since citizens have such a right, she believed that taking authorization for such action was meaningless. Regarding her voiced opinion that Belarus has no free and fair elections, it is her own opinion and public position. Judge Natallia Karablina listened to it all, sounded the materials of the case and left premises for 15 minutes declaring a break before giving a ruling. After she has returned, she read the fine resolution,” – said the human rights activist Paval Levinau.

Picket for election boycott activists of Vitebsk CCP BNF Jan Dziarzhautsau and Alena Kavalenko held on March 22, the day before the main voting day. They came to Vitebsk school № 46 with a placard “Boycott electoral farce”.

On March 25 Jan Dziarzhautsau was arrested by militia when he was returning from the Freedom Day action. He spent the night in a temporary detention center. And the next day, on March 26, he was sentenced to 7 days of arrest, as the court has found him organizer of the action, and added that the offense was committed repeatedly within a year.

According to human rights activist Leanid Svetsik, during the trial, judge Natallia Karablina has not satisfied a single petition declared by Dziarzhautsau, namely has not allowed to bring an interpreter, hasn’t call for witnesses from the activist’s side and hasn’t allowed to the representative-defender Piotr Ivanou to be present at the court session.

By vitebskspring.org,
Prepared by Ales LETA
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