2014 19/04

Alena Stsiapanava learned about this on April 17, after visiting Aktsiabrsky district militia office of Vitebsk.

Senior Inspector of law enforcement and prevention Siarhey Veraksa wanted to get information and explanations from the journalist about the material “Vitebsk students refuse to learn the anthem” posted this year January on the site “Radio Svaboda”. Material was unsigned.

“Siarhei Veraksa asked me if people appearing in the text were familiar to me, and if I had something to do with this article have appeared on the Internet. Also, a militia officer asked me what I knew about “the situation with the anthem” – he meant anthem of Vitebsk, which was treated by local public ambiguously. Many people believed that the lyrics were imperfect, and that it was so weak in the poetic sense, that wasn’t worth to be the anthem of the city. Nevertheless, it was approved by the city authorities in spite of all the public protests, and it caused a new wave of indignation. This was also mentioned in the material that the militia officer had printed out and showed me during our meeting”.

“Mr. Veraksa explained that he has initiated an administrative case against me under Art. 22.9, part 2 of the Administrative Code – “illegal production and distribution of media products”, – said Alena Stsiapanava. He said it would be terminated. But it is unknown when this case was filed. We will wait and see…”

This is not the first attempt to carry out an administrative case against Alena Stsiapanava. Last summer, the same S.Vyaraksa even passed the collected materials to the Aktsiabrsky district court, but the judge Inna Hrabovska refused in the proceedings – she returned documents for revision back to militia because she did not see convincing evidence of the guilt of the journalist in them.

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