2014 19/03

Regarding the events in Ukraine, or rather only one question of separation of the Crimea from Ukraine, we give legal analysis (see full article) and represent views of the Belarusian lawyer of international affairs Jan Gvardziyan.

Lawyer Jan Gvardziyan notes that secession of the Crimea contradicts international law and, in particular, violates one of its fundamental principles – the principle of territorial integrity. According to Jan, the separation of the Crimea from Ukraine and its subsequent unification of the Russian Federation are illegal, since the status of parties seeking to secession does not satisfy the following criteria:

– Parties who seek secession should be “nation” in the ethnographic sense;

– State from which the separation occurs, is supposed to be flagrantly violating human rights, and in particular, the right to self-determination through participation in government;

– There is no other effective legal remedy, except secession.

The full article of Jan Gvardziyan can be found here.

By ILIA Follow-up Belarus
Prepared by Ales LETA
Belarusian Legal Portal

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